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Expert masonry service located in Charlotte, NC. We offer professional masonry services at affordable prices. We look forward to working with you on your next project!

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Excellent results and commitment to our craft, through years of experience, is the foundation upon which Charlotte Masonry was built. Whatever your needs may be, we handle all types of projects including residential and commercial work. Whether you’re looking to build a new accent wall or repair an existing structure, we have the expertise to handle all your needs. There are few elements that you can add to a home that increase the value and enhance the feel as much as a well thought out and properly constructed masonry feature. Over the years, we can proudly say we’ve built a strong reputation through quality workmanship and professional approach with all our customers in the greater Charlotte area.

Services Offered

Depending on your project, we have the background and know-how to produce top-notch results that will last a lifetime. From new home construction to restorations jobs, our team will give you the best options at competitive prices for your consideration. We understand that the look of your home, outdoor space or business is very important to you and we approach every job with the utmost attention to detail. We have experience with materials such as; concrete block, brick, cultured stone, limestone, marble, granite, and glass block to name a few. If you have a big vision in mind, let us know. We’ll put together a design and build plan that will meet your high expectations.

Recent Projects

Brick outdoor fireplace and patio newly constructed in Charlotte, NC

Here's a custom brick outdoor masonry fireplace and brick patio project we recently completed. The fireplace feature is now the centerpiece of our customer's backyard and it created an ideal spot to entertain family and friends.

A new gray stone paver patio with brick trim surround

This is a new stone paver patio with brick trim and an outdoor living section job in progress. The multi-toned stone created a nice visual look and added depth to the space. Our customer was very happy with the finished results!

Cultured stone masonry entrance with stone porch and steps

A grand-sized cultured stone entrance with stone steps and porch. We also added a concrete keystone to the top of the arch to create a nice visual touch. This overall design really enhanced the curb appeal of this home!

Some of our most popular projects include:


Paver installation
Retaining walls
Chimney builds
Foundation repair
Outdoor fireplaces
Outdoor fire pits
Decorative stone walls
Brick repair
Stone restoration
Fireplace and hearth
New patio construction


Chimney repair

Stone and Brick Masonry - New Construction

When you’ve made the commitment to build a new home, office or structure it’s important to work with a masonry contractor that has the experience with large scale projects to ensure all aspects of the job are handled, finished properly and are completed on schedule. Whatever the new construction may be, we know that our customers expect the best from us, and we take pride in delivering on these expectations. All new construction needs to have a solid infrastructure in place to ensure it will be long-lasting and maintains its form and function. We work with all types of stone mediums for any style of job you’re looking to have completed. Many homes today feature mixed stone, brick, wood or vinyl exteriors. Our bricklayer and stonemason work is seamless and blends well with each and every type of space we build in. If you ever look to sell your home, the value will only increase with an attractive and well thought out exterior. You can’t underestimate the importance of curb appeal and we take this to heart when we work with all our clients. Our craftsmanship stands the test of time and this is reflected in our refined, finished product.

Outdoor Fireplaces, Kitchens and Fire Pits

More and more people today are taking advantage of their previously unused outdoor spaces to design and build a place where they can entertain family and friends all while enhancing the fit, feel, finish and overall value of their homes. Outdoor patios with integrated kitchens and fireplaces create a wow factor for both homeowners and guests alike. If you decide to add a new outdoor living feature to your backyard, you are essentially increasing the square footage of living space available allowing you to enjoy nature from just a few steps away. For year-round enjoyment, stone fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are also perfect options to consider when looking for new ways to enhance your outdoor living experience. Another cool trend we’ve worked with our customers on is built-in pizza ovens integrated into their patios. This is great for both entertaining as well as ambiance. If you have a new home with a blank slate for your patio area, we can build out a fully furnished design based on your specific tastes and needs. And if you only want to add specific elements or features to your outdoor space, we can also accommodate your needs here as well. The sky is truly the limit when putting together your ideas and we are the team to bring them to life.

Paver sidewalk steps & Stone Retaining Wall Charlotte NC.jpg
New House with Brick and Stone Exterior

Brick and Stone Repair

Do you have an aging area of your home or office exterior that has fallen into disrepair? If so, we specialize in seamlessly fixing these areas and restoring them to their original condition. With ever-aging homes and buildings today, there is a greater need for skilled masons to address these issues that can not only adversely affect the appearance but can also affect the structural integrity of numerous living spaces today. Depending on the severity of the problem spot, our team will assess the issue and provide you with a comprehensive solution, while minimizing any disturbances to the surrounding areas. Our tuckpointing techniques allow us to fix brick problem spots without any noticeable differences between the new and original mortar color. This is a very cost-effective way to tackle tough issues associated with older brick walls.

Foundation repair is one of the most frequently requested services we offer. If a foundation crack isn’t addressed, this can potentially result in significant and costly damage to your home or business. Not only do we see older structures with foundation issues, but we also come across new construction with concrete, brick, and stone cracking due to the settling of freshly graded and backfilled dirt or stone. Floor sinking and wall cracking are just a few of the potential issues that can arise from a neglected foundation. Many homeowners who plan to sell their homes need to make sure everything is structurally sound or risk not being able to pass inspection.


Importance of maintaining and fixing foundations and exterior walls:

  • Keeps pests out such as mice, rats, spiders and snakes

  • Ensures foundation integrity

  • Keeps drywall, wood and insulation dry and away from the elements

  • Prevents water damage which can result in black mold

  • Eliminates the potential for walls sagging and at worst collapsing


If you have any concerns about the structural integrity of the masonry in your home or building, let us know and we can address these areas to give you peace of mind.


Paving stones offer versatility and give you the ability to add an enhanced architectural appearance and feel to your property. Another plus is that they are essentially maintenance-free and can be an excellent upgrade to traditional concrete or blacktop surfaces. A properly designed and installed paver surface creates a high end and custom feel that will truly make your property stand out from the crowd. In landscape architecture, paving stones can be an integral part of the hardscape and are a nice fit for sidewalks, road surfaces, patios, garden paths and courtyards. There are several different styles to choose from including brick style, cobblestone and natural. Pavers can be the perfect option for landscaping pathways around your land as well. Custom patterned driveways create an eye-catching look for those looking for a different option other than blacktop or concrete. Large pavers are also great to consider as an alternative to traditional wood decks that require maintenance over time.

Retaining Walls

Depending on your needs, our retaining wall installers specialize in designing both attractive residential and functional commercial builds. Retaining walls can act as cosmetic enclosures or they can act as a structural support features designed to resist the lateral pressure of soil or other earth material. There are numerous configurations to choose from for retaining wall systems. Some can be designed with an organic form to follow the path of landscaping beds, while others can be straight formed for more functional purposes. Depending on your needs, we have experience with all types of retaining walls including; gravity, piling, cantilever and anchored. Retaining walls are an ideal complement for patio or landscape surrounds.


Why Charlotte Masonry?

We take pride in every job (big or small) and if you choose to work with us, you can rest assured that your project will be done right with top-notch quality. Our team of masons has over 30 years of experience and our commitment to excellence is reflected in our results. We are professional in our approach and we always go the extra mile to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our work. On-time and done right the first time is another big part of our promise. Our job sites are cleaned up after we finish, and we treat your home or business as if it was our own. Let us know what your needs are today and we will put together a plan to meet them. We look forward to working with you!

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