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Masonry repair with brick and mortar saw

Masonry is a centuries-old profession that has brought countless architectural masterpieces, from the famous Egyptian pyramids to magnificent European castles.  It still continues to be a part of every major construction, whether residential or commercial. With that, you can count on Charlotte Masonry to work with your masonry needs while keeping up with modern times. A properly designed masonry project not only contributes to the aesthetics of your property but also can improve the structural integrity as well.  In addition, the use of stone, brick, concrete, and other aggregates can easily add value to a home or building. At Charlotte Masonry, we apply advanced masonry techniques to each project we take on, from new fireplaces to custom retaining walls, to ensure we create a beautiful yet structurally sound finished product in your home or business.

Commitment to Excellence

At Charlotte Masonry, we have extensive experience to perform excellent masonry work, may that be concrete block, clay brick, stone, or all of the above.  We provide a wide variety of masonry services for construction, renovation, redesign and repair.  Whatever it is that you envision for your space, We're here to help make it happen.  Our skilled masons have a keen eye for symmetry applied to the natural materials we work with, especially stones that usually come in irregular or non-uniform shapes and sizes.  Our masons can create complex build-outs that require a puzzle-like approach. Our unparalleled craftsmanship and unbeatable track record will help bring your vision to life.

We work with all types of custom masonry on foundations, accent walls, patios, pool decks, hearths, islands, lawn enclosures, retaining walls, driveways, fire pits, pavements, chimneys, and other home exteriors and living spaces.  Applications include new construction, masonry veneer, caulking, paving, restoration, and repair.

Creating an Inviting Backyard

Most houses come with their own yard, big or small, that serves a variety of purposes for the homeowner. Many times, however, this part of the property is often taken for granted and not utilized to its full potential. If your yard is overdue for an upgrade, we can help design a layout the fits your needs.  After all, your yard is one of the things people notice when they visit your residence as well as a good selling point of a property that’s in the market.  As such, it's always a good thing to make it look its best. Choosing well-placed brickwork and stone layering will serve as great additions to your yard landscaping that will summon more life to your outdoors.  You will have a relaxing place for entertainment for your family and friends where you can all kick back and enjoy the conversation.


Paving the Way

One surefire way to beautify your yard and increase your overall home value is to install pavers on hardscapes such as driveways, walkways, and patios.  It makes for that grand entrance, that natural “red carpet” feel as you step on it, as well as a whimsical directional path in your garden. Pavers that make use of bricks or marble stones are appealing as they are durable and affordable. They are stable and have room for spontaneous changes such as contraction and expansion.  Another plus is the ease of maintaining them compared to concrete slabs, which are prone to breaking and require fixing more frequently.


Customized paver patios take various textures, shapes, patterns and colors which make for even more attractive options.  With your yard being your blank canvas, these pavers can be flattering to any style may that be contemporary or rustic. In other words, you will only be limited by your imagination as far as creating your custom paver - you can ask your neighbors or nearby friends and relatives who might have already been some of our satisfied customers!


Installing Other Upgrades

There are quite a number of hardscapes that involve masonry techniques like stone fencing and outdoor kitchens, which are appealing and functional upgrades at the same time.  With a touch of creativity and brilliant workmanship, your outdoors will be just as comforting as when you are indoors. In any case, we have the creativity to transform any ideas you might have in mind into reality.  We can create a stone fire pit where you can sit next to it to keep warm and roast s’mores. It provides a cozy outdoor atmosphere that you can use all year round. Taking it inside, stone chimneys crafted from fieldstone have that old-world charm, giving a cozy feel that can warm up your space.


Reclaiming Beauty

Your accent brick wall may no longer look as shiny and vibrant as it used to be.  It may still be functional, but the old and worn-out look may need to be repaired. Masonry restoration is a service we offer that can restore old structures.  We also perform tuckpointing to refresh your brick structure to have that beautiful appearance once again.

Should your existing masonry builds have minor cracks, chipped bricks, discoloration, we can also perform custom repairs so you don’t have to tear down the whole thing. We can patch broken stones and make them look pristine again.


Charlotte Masonry at Your Service

When your next masonry construction or repair project comes up, give us a call for a free consultation. If you choose to work with us, we are confident that you will love the results!  



Charlotte Masonry did an excellent job on my brick chimney repair. The repair blends in perfectly with the surrounding brick. I highly recommend.


I can't say enough good things about the craftsmanship and attention to detail on our new stone patio. The team was a pleasure to work with and we love our transformed backyard!


I needed a masonry contractor that I could count on for a large retaining wall. Let me say I came away highly impressed with the finished product. Very professional company.

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