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Masonry repair with brick and mortar saw

Is your home dealing with broken stones, chipped mortar, or cracked bricks hanging by a thread?  If yes, Charlotte Masonry is here to help. Whether your home is in need of a long-overdue fix or is in need of something new, we have the expertise to upgrade or transform all types of masonry work at a reasonable price. We offer a wide range of value-driven services in our extensive portfolio, from repair to restoration of your brickwork or stone structures. We aim to reclaim and preserve the old-world charm of masonry - a time-tested technique that has seen the rise of some of the most significant buildings in history, many of which remain standing to this day. Talk about beauty meets longevity.

If you're looking for a stone or brick mason to enhance your patio, add an accent wall, or build and design a new fireplace, we've got you covered. We always welcome the opportunity to explore different applications of masonry to create a masterpiece in our customers' homes or offices.  Drop us a line today to walk-through your next project and we will create a design that matches your vision with the goal of exceeding your expectations.

Our Philosophy:

●    Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal
●    We work diligently to finish jobs in a timely manner
●    High-quality workmanship to produce top-notch results
●    We value the safety of your property

Your Local Masonry Experts


We offer a wide variety of services ranging from decorative and structural masonry services such as construction, repair, restoration on either a residential or commercial property to outdoor living projects.  We deal with all kinds of stone, brick, any natural or synthetic building blocks in each and every phase, from foundation down to completion. While we will always make recommendations given our expertise, and listen and take into consideration your own ideas and personal taste.  After all, we want the end results to reflect your aesthetic while incorporating our own. 


Our Masonry Services Involving Stone, Brick, Concrete, and Other Building Materials include:


  • New Construction 

  • Masonry Repair

  • Tuckpointing 

  • Masonry Restoration 

  • Masonry Remodeling 

  • Paver Installation

  • Steps, Entryways, Driveways

  • Outdoor Kitchen Setup

  • Patio Redesign

  • Tile Applications 

  • Poured Concrete Creations

  • Stone Fireplaces

  • Chimney Repair

  • Barbecue Stations

  • Masonry Veneers

  • Retaining Walls

  • Indoor and Outdoor Hardscapes and Design Features

Creation and Construction 

Working with stone and concrete gives you a sturdy and lasting structure which Charlotte Masonry prioritizes in every project. Although these masonry units are naturally strong and resistant, which can withstand heavy and compressing loads, building a good foundation is crucial. This takes skill and experience. Labor-intensive as it is, we continue to employ the time-honored tradition of masonry building while utilizing techniques that produce durable buildings which last for generations.

Repair and Restoration

Masonry structures typically require less maintenance compared to other types of construction techniques, but over time they may need it at some point. Surface damages and cracks may appear that will require repair. Often though, life gets in the way.  As such, we tend to put off structural issues which we deem unimportant until they become too difficult to handle.  What could have been a quick fix had they been addressed early can perhaps turn into more than just a patch job, which therefore can be expensive. Whatever repair job you run into, we will help you find the most efficient ways to do what’s necessary without you breaking the bank.  We do it right the first time around, assuring you of our unparalleled expertise. We also provide solutions before they get to that point of no return, such as catching hairline cracks or reinforcing brick for example.


Various Types of Retaining Walls

Creating retaining walls is primarily to prevent soil erosion for landscaped lawns, but they serve as nice features outdoors, too.  Such hardscapes make use of big rocks and concrete, which come in different types such as a cantilever, gravity, piling, etc.  These will balance the lateral and vertical forces by utilizing their sloped mass. Charlotte Masonry will install a visually pleasing retaining wall that will compliment your landscape design and also help in proper water drainage.


Fulfill Your Dream Project - One Masonry Unit at a Time

Our experienced team of masons will be delighted to provide elegant yet practical masonry solutions so that you will not only have an aesthetically pleasing abode but have a place that is structurally sound as well.  With over 20 years of experience under our belt, we ensure that our masons have undergone rigorous training, and continue to be updated with the latest innovations in the field of masonry. We are hands-on when it comes to overseeing your project, paying great attention to detail while adhering to your budget.  

A Team You Can Trust

We understand that major improvements to your property will take time and money.  We take this into consideration and will always give you an honest and accurate estimate for your project, which is the best price so you get more bang for your buck. Take the first step to increase the value of your home and call us today to get your free quote. Our friendly team looks forward to speaking with you soon!



Charlotte Masonry did an excellent job on my brick chimney repair. The repair blends in perfectly with the surrounding brick. I highly recommend.


I can't say enough good things about the craftsmanship and attention to detail on our new stone patio. The team was a pleasure to work with and we love our transformed backyard!


I needed a masonry contractor that I could count on for a large retaining wall. Let me say I came away highly impressed with the finished product. Very professional company.

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