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Masonry repair with brick and mortar saw

Is your home needing more than just a makeover?  When fixing and cleaning just won’t cut it, let Charlotte Masonry assist you in your bigger plans! You see, adding certain features to your property is not only for aesthetics but numbers, too. Changing the exterior of your accent wall to brick or manufactured stone easily translates to an increase in the dollar value of your home.  

Charlotte Masonry will answer all your masonry needs, ranging from renovation, repair to construction, may it be for residential or commercial use.  

As your contractor, our extensive experience in building materials such as brick, concrete, granite, limestone, marble, stucco and many others will guarantee impeccable results -  creating a place that you only once dreamed of.

Our professional services include:


Construction - retaining walls, fire pit, patio, hardscapes, chimney

Installation - paver, decorative wall, fireplace, hearth

Repair/restore - brick, foundation, chimney, stone

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Brick and stone masonry have been around for centuries and remain two of the most reliable and durable materials to use for building projects. Bricks make up many walls of today either as standalone, or as surface decoration, which instantly earns curb appeal points any day. Whether you are looking at a solid brick construction or brick veneer,  our masonry craftsmen will cover every aspect of the build to ensure we deliver a high-quality end product within a given timeframe.



Developing the outdoor space such as the backyard is starting to gain its share of homeowner’s attention.  It has become just as important as your interior in terms of showcasing features such as a fireplace or a fire pit, a kitchen with barbeque grill, or a pizza oven, to name a few. The attractive presence of such living features would mean an added value not only to its residents because of their functionality, but also to the property’s market price. We know we have done our job well when we exceed our client expectations who wouldn’t settle for anything less.



Adding a paver to your landscape is a nice touch that will lend elegance to your outdoor property.  You can choose different types of masonry materials from cobblestones to brick, or natural stone.  Aside from its durability, what’s great with this highlighting feature is it does not even require any maintenance at all.


Retaining Walls

You see this wall as a form of support in gardens that primarily keeps the soil pressure in check.  As such, it comes in different types depending on your purpose and type of landscape, which may consist of either a flat garden or a multi-tiered one.  In any case, a retaining wall also serves as an ornamental design that blends naturally with your surroundings.


Masonry Repair

Your masonry structures will need fixing at some point.  Like most things, your marble counter, for example, will have its usual wear and tear in the form of cracks. Or that stucco siding may have large holes that are screaming for a patch job. We can fix, restore, repair any structural damage, no matter how extensive it is, we will do everything possible to bring it back to its old glory.

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Charlotte Masonry did an excellent job on my brick chimney repair. The repair blends in perfectly with the surrounding brick. I highly recommend.


I can't say enough good things about the craftsmanship and attention to detail on our new stone patio. The team was a pleasure to work with and we love our transformed backyard!


I needed a masonry contractor that I could count on for a large retaining wall. Let me say I came away highly impressed with the finished product. Very professional company.

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