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Masonry repair with brick and mortar saw

When you have an issue with your masonry it’s very important to address the problem area quickly. If a repair is neglected, then you run the risk of much more extensive and costly damage down the road. Masonry can produce some of the most durable and longest-lasting structures known to man, however, even the most robust brick, stone and concrete block construction can require repairs over time. Preventative maintenance will help to keep your masonry looking good and in great shape for years. Our skilled team of masons has experience in all types of repairs. Masonry repair is an art and we take pride in creating seamless repairs that will restore the fit, feel and finish on your home or masonry feature.

The Basics
Masonry is the binding of individual parts together with the use of mortar to produce a larger unified structure. Standard materials used are brick, stone, stone block, granite, marble, and concrete block to name a few. The quality of the masonry build relates to the grade of materials used and the level of workmanship. Not all masonry is created equal. Skilled and experienced masons or bricklayers have the ability to build highly durable structures that can withstand all types of elements. If a structure is built by an inexperienced builder, then this can adversely affect the longevity of the construction and require premature repairs.

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What Can Go Wrong with Masonry?
Depending on the type masonry feature you have there are different areas that can need repairing. Stone and brick can crack. The mortar in brick walls can erode. Mortar can crumble. Water damage can cause spalling bricks when moisture enters the porous surface and freezes. The result is the front of bricks to pop off or crumble away. Discoloration of brick is one of the first signs that your brick is absorbing too much moisture. Typically, you will see a white residue color change called efflorescence. These are just a few of the issues we see in the field. The two most common types of repairs we see are:

Crumbling Mortar

This occurs when the mortar between joints begins to deteriorate. This is one of the main types of brick chimney repairs we perform. This technique is called tuckpointing and can be used on various types of repairs.


Another common type of issue we fix are cracks. If you’re experiencing cracking in your masonry, this is the sign of an underlying issue that needs to be addressed to ensure the fix will be permanent. Foundation repairs usually relate to cracking due to the expansion and contraction of the soil around a building.

Some of our Repair Services include:

  • Brick Repair

  • Brick Chimney Repair 

  • Retaining Wall Repair

  • Foundation Repair

  • Fireplace Rebuilding

  • Chimney Crown Restoration

  • Stucco Repair


It’s important to have an experienced mason handle your masonry repairs. Our team can identify the different materials and mortar types used in the original construction to ensure the repairs are permanent as well as seamlessly blend in. If a masonry problem is misdiagnosed, you run the risk of bigger headaches down the road. We take pride in our repair work and we will approach every repair job as if it was our own. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Drop us a line with any questions or if you need to schedule a masonry repair today!

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