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Natural stacked stone landscape retaining wall

Retaining walls serve many different purposes ranging from cosmetic landscaping to anchored walls that are responsible for holding back heavy soil loads. Most retaining walls are built with a common purpose in mind: to resist the lateral pressure of soil when there is a change in the ground level or height. If your home is located on a hill or steep grade, a retaining wall can be a perfect option if you want to break up your grade, hold back/prevent soil erosion or increase usable living or landscape space. Depending on your application, we have experience in constructing all types of rigid wall structures for both residential and commercial masonry jobs.

For many homeowners that have a property with uneven terrain, this can be very appealing from a visual standpoint. However, this appeal can have its drawbacks if you’re ever interested in turning this area into a functional and livable space. Undulating slopes can be tamed and transformed with the introduction of a properly installed retaining wall. Not only can you change the shape of the land, but you also have the ability to create a beautiful stone, concrete, or block, etc. backdrop that adds a dazzling design element to your space. From curved shaped walls to straight-line designs, the options are endless when you’re ready to build your custom wall.

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Natural stone retaining wall for beautiful landscaping beds with stone steps
Large light brown concrete block retaining wall

Whether you’re in the market for a cosmetic or structural/load-bearing wall, there are numerous material options to choose from. Each option can serve a different purpose, along with offering different levels of flexibility depending on the application. Durability and long-term maintenance requirements are something to take into consideration when making your selection. If a style is your top priority, you’ll want to take a look at stonework more suited for visual appeal rather than suited for load-bearing walls. The height of your wall will also play a part in the types of components you’re able to use. Ease of installation is another factor that comes into play when designing your retaining wall build-out.

Variety of Materials

  • Natural stone

  • Concrete blocks

  • Stone veneer

  • Brick

  • Poured concrete

  • Natural boulders

  • Limestone

  • Gabion


There are numerous options to consider when designing your ideal structure and we understand that the decision-making process can be challenging. We can help and when you’re ready we can walk you through the pros vs. cons associated with your specific project so you can have peace of mind that you’ve made the best decision possible. Give us a call today!

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